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Doctor or Nurse (WOW Fusion® Treatment)

Consultation (30 mins)
The WOW fusion® with Botox (45 mins)

The WOW fusion® is a unique needling device that allows your practitioner to design a hyper-personalised serum especially for your skin. The serum is then delivered directly where it needs to be via 20 ultrafine surgical steel needles,The needles are at 0.13 mm in diameter, electroplated with nickel and then 24K gold. The tapered needles allow the serum gets straight to work improvingthe skin condition at a cellular level.

The WOW fusion® with Meso Cocktail (45 mins)

The WOW fusion® treatment can be combined with mesotherapy serums to deliver the best results. WOW fusion® can be used to treat the following skin concerns:Rosacea, Excessive sweating, Fine lines and wrinkles, Enlarged pores, Oily skin, Sun damage and pigmentation, Acne scarring, Stretchmarks, Hair restoration, Dehydrated skin, Skin rejuvenation and revitalisation.